Meet the Fearless Movement Collective

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Meet the Fearless Movement Collective

For the past year lizzay and bowie have devoted themselves to the heath, fitness, and well-being of lesbian mums and rainbow families in melbourne with their business, the fearless movement collective. We had a chance to ask them a few questions about families, community, and their future with globe.

What do people need to know about fearless movement collective?

Fearless movement collective is exclusively for rainbow parents. We are passionate about helping rainbow families learn how to become fitter and more active, develop healthier eating habits and live positively. We offer online fitness and nutrition coaching so that our parents can train in the safety and comfort of their own homes on a schedule that suits them.

Where did fearless movement collective start?

Fearless movement collective started as an idea on a 24hr non stop drive from brisbane to melbourne that we (lizzay and bowie) had in september last year.

It evolved into what it is today not long after we started living in Melbourne. We met one of the most badass lesbian mums around and became inspired by her journey. We found that no one  else is supporting our rainbow families this way. We wanted to step up and give all the queer parents in the LGBTQI community a supportive, inclusive and understanding space to be themselves as they work towards becoming healthier, fitter and stronger.

How has your organisation been welcomed by the community?

We have been welcomed quite warmly into the community. Some people seem a little surprised that we would want to work exclusively with rainbow families but the overall opinion from everyone we have met and spoken with is that what we are working to achieve is a really positive thing that the community needs.

What inspired you to join globe?

We were inspired to join globe because we want to connect with and support other lgbtqi business owners here in melbourne.

Neither of us have ever had the opportunity to be part of a supportive, queer community, let alone contribute to the people within it. We both believe that globe will give us the chance to spread our message and help us change lives.

What does the future hold for fmc?

We are currently working on building our online community across australia. In the future we will be extending our services internationally. Being a fully online service we are not limited by location.

We are working at a local level here in Melbourne to establish regular rainbow family group fitness sessions, based in Brunswick. We will be running trial sessions through October and plan to have regular weekly sessions available by the end of the year.

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