Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Supporting the Victorian LGBTIQA+ Community for 30 years

GLOBE Victoria is a not-for-profit Community Organisation that unites Victorian LGBTIQA+ professionals and Small Businesses through social, professional networking, training and development focused events.

In its 30th year, GLOBE Victoria continues to move from strength to strength in its mandate to assist the growth of Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ communities through creating strong connections for professionals and Small Business owners.

In addition to our much-loved monthly networking events, where we provide like-minded people with a space to forge long lasting connections, GLOBE Victoria also provides value to LGBTIQA+ communities through:

Our Focus On program, featuring different topics of discussion and aims to provide a platform for different people within our community to engage with GLOBE Victoria members.

Our, GLOBE Growth development programs, where in partnership with our corporate members, we’ve designed a series of professional development sessions accessible to all. As well as an additional series of sessions designed specifically for the development and growth of LGBTIQA+ owned Small Businesses.


Committed to celebrating and supporting Victorian LGBTIQA+ Communities

Victorian Pride Awards

The awards, in partnership with the Victorian Government, celebrate achievement in Victoria’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer communities.

The awards highlight the work of a diverse range of organisations that benefit or unite LGBTIQA+ communities and highlight the outstanding work and contribution of individuals in our communities.

The awards began in 2014 and have become an integral part of Victorian LGBTIQA+ communities; recognising the inspiring people and organisations that work to benefit LGBTIQA+ people.

To date, we have awarded 101 Victorian individuals and organisations


GLOBE Victoria Community Grants program

Through our GLOBE Victoria Community Grants programme, GLOBE Victoria has a long and proud tradition of providing financial support to Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ individuals, students and organisations.

Over our 30 year history, GLOBE Victoria has donated well hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our 2023 Community Grants programme was a great success where we awarded grants and scholarships totalling $16,000. We look forward to continued growth of this program throughout 2024.


Engaged community of Victorian LGBTIQA+ professionals and Small Business owners

Engaged & Satisfied Community

  • Engagement with GLOBE Victoria monthly communication is 50%+ (industry benchmark 24%)
  • 78% attend GLOBE Victoria networking events throughout the year
  • Satisfaction for GLOBE Victoria events is >80%
  • 78% proud to be part of GLOBE Victoria
  • Average satisfaction for members is 7.4

Diverse Communities

  • Broad range of ages — 37% under the age of 40, 53% 40 — 60yo and 10% 60+ years of age
  • Geographically dispersed throughout Victoria
  • Affluent community — Average annual income $130,000

Community Minded Communities

  • Over half get involved with GLOBE Victoria to support their community
  • 80% believe GLOBE Victoria supports communities

Over 3,000 members in our community

63% see GLOBE Victoria as an advocate for LGBTIQA+ diversity and inclusion in Victoria

Awareness of major sponsors is 60%


Sponsorship Benefits

  • A respected and successful organisation to demonstrate your commitment to LGBTIQA+ communities
  • Strengthen employee engagement with LGBTIQA+ employees by offering them networking and growth opportunities
  • Partnering with GLOBE Victoria provides organisations the opportunity to outsource parts of your diversity and inclusion program
  • Strengthen your brand perception with an affluent group of LGBTIQA+ consumers
  • Drive sales by offering exclusive special offers to the LGBTIQA+ community
  • Download the GLOBE Victoria Corporate Membership benefits deck.

If you’d like to speak to us about coming onboard as a GLOBE Victoria Major Partner, contact:

Peter Callanan

GLOBE Victoria Partnerships & Corporate Membership Director