Categories & Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Ready to nominate a Victorian LGBTIQ+ champion? Before you do, let’s make sure they tick all the boxes. To be eligible for a Victorian Pride Award, nominees must:

  • Be involved in work, volunteering, an activity, or a project that’s primarily based in Victoria.
  • Not be actively campaigning for or currently holding a public office, nor be someone appointed to public office.
  • Have resided in Victoria for at least two years.
  • Be free from any current or upcoming legal proceedings.
  • Hold good character and standing within the LGBTIQ+ communities.

Awards Categories

Roll out the red carpet, because these categories are where the stars of our community shine.

Excellence in Small Business

Awarded to an LGBTIQ+ owned small business (with fewer than 100 employees) in Victoria, for outstanding achievement in business.

Workplace Inclusion

Awarded to businesses that champion equity for LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace.

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Open to organisations or individuals who run health and wellbeing initiatives and programs to improve the health of LGBTIQ+ communities.

Preventing Social Isolation

Awarded to an organisation - including corporates, community and social groups - who run initiatives or programs to reduce social isolation and build connections within LGBTIQ+ communities.

Outstanding Advocacy

Awarded to an organisation for running advocacy or social change campaigns that shift attitudes, beliefs and behaviours - through systems, processes or programs - for the benefit of Victorian LGBTIQ+ communities.

Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

Awarded to a Victorian LGBTIQ+ individual or group who celebrate LGBTIQ+ communities through their artistic pursuits.

Outstanding Contribution to Media

Awarded to individuals or organisations who have delivered an exceptional piece of reporting, podcasts or other media activity that either celebrates LGBTIQ+ communities or sheds light on current LGBTIQ+ issues.

Outstanding Contribution to Sport

Awarded to LGBTIQ+ individuals, groups or organisations that have excelled in their sporting pursuits both in and beyond the sporting arena, or who have driven LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport and physical activity.

Ally of the Year

Awarded to a person who does not identify as LGBTIQ+ but who has made an outstanding contribution to support and celebrate LGBTIQ+ communities.

Volunteer of the Year

Recognising the work of a Victorian LGBTIQ+ person who has shown outstanding commitment through volunteer work in our communities.

Person of the Year

Awarded to an LGBTIQ+ person who has led the way in driving inclusion, building capacity and connection between the LGBTIQ+ and broader communities.