GLOBE Community Grants 2022

The 2022 GLOBE Community Grants, Small Business Grants and Scholarship will open this year on Monday May 16 and close Sunday June 26.

GLOBE has a long history of providing financial support to individuals, groups and organisations in the Victorian LGBTIQ community with the GLOBE Community Grants and more recently the GLOBE Scholarship and GLOBE Small Business Grant. Over the last 30 years GLOBE has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthwhile causes and activities.

We are pleased to announce that GLOBE is now accepting applications for the 2022 GLOBE Community Grants. Applicants for the GLOBE Community Grants can apply for any amount up to $2000. We will accept applications for smaller projects that require less than $2000. Please specify how much funding you would like.

GLOBE is pleased to announce the 2022 GLOBE Scholarship. This $2000 scholarship is open to LGTBIQ+ students or early career professionals. Its purpose is to support educational activities and help further develop careers. Examples include funding for a course or attending a conference. Could all applicants please provide a written reference from a teacher/lecturer/mentor.

GLOBE is also excited to announce the 2022 GLOBE Small Business Grant worth $4000. This Grant is only open to current GLOBE Small Business members. Its purpose is to provide financial support to develop, expand and promote their small business.

Please contact Walter at for any enquries