GLOBE is for LGBTIQ+ communities, small businesses and professionals who want to be seen, connected and nurtured.

We provide opportunities to network and grow in a professional, safe and inclusive environment that empowers, supports and enables our communities to achieve their full potential.

Our History

Midsumma Festival

The idea of GLOBE was born and in just a few weeks, GLOBE was officially in business. It was ground-breaking. People who were so often marginalised in mainstream society at last had a safe place where they could share professional interests and develop their businesses.

93 Members

Word spread fast. In six months, GLOBE had 93 members and connections with community groups across Victoria and around Australia.

Next milestone

In January 2017, GLOBE celebrated 25 years of supporting LGBTIQ+ Communities. In that time, with the support of our members, GLOBE has awarded over $80,000 to individuals, students and Small Businesses through the GLOBE Community Grants program. At our 2017 Community Awards, we awarded $25,000 in grants and are looking to award even more this year!